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Created in 2013 at UTAD’s Business Incubator, Lateral has been developing a set of works in the most diverse creative areas, with a special focus on art direction and creative consulting in communication projects, branding, brand launch and event communication. 
It currently works with clients from a wide range of economic sectors, with a particular focus on culture, tourism, wine/gastronomy and education, establishing itself as the region's first creative agency. Lateral was the agency behind the campaigns “Já ouviste o que diz a Floresta?”, “Shake Shake With Réccua”, “Réccua Tour”, videos “Cidade do Douro, Cidade do Mundo”, “UTAD, Jardim de Oportunidades”, “Find Me And Follow Me”, and brands such as “Malcriado”, “Sabor do Norte”, “Réccua Cocktails”, “Slowdouro “, “Covêllo”, “O Revelador”, “Rupestris”, “Utad Júnior”, “Prémio ICNF”, “Caloirada aos Montes”, “Fole”, and was also responsible for the art direction of Club de Vila Real. 
He took the art direction of “Rock Nordeste” festival as well in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2019, and entered the shortlist of the jury of the Iberian Festival Awards in the category of “Best Communication”, in 2016 e 2017. 
While partnering in the “Douro Creative Hub” project, Lateral was responsible for the Douro Creative Minds Survey and Strategic Plan for the Creative Industries in the region. 
The Douro Creative Hub branding project, the art direction of “Prémio Douro Criativo” and "A Walk on The Creative Side" have been featured on the “Behance” platform in the galleries “Graphic Design” and “Best of Behance” by its curators team. The same platform also highlighted the editorial project “Douro, Sobral Centeno” in the curated gallery of “Graphic Design”, an edition for the Fundação Museu do Douro, within the scope of Sobral Centeno’s exhibition. 
Lateral is currently in Oporto and in the historical center of Vila Real, in T0, the region’s first cowork space in the area of creative industries connected to the European Creative Hubs network.

Universidade de Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Associação de Municípios Douro Alliance, CIM Douro, Município de Vila Real, Município do Peso da Régua, SASUTAD, AAUTAD, Fundação Museu do Douro, Rede de Museus do Douro, Fundação Côa Parque, ICNF - Instituto da Conservação da Natureza e das Florestas, +urbano, Porto Réccua Vinhos, Réccua Cocktails, Moloni, Gistree, Sabor do Norte, Malcriado, Zigurartists, Vicri Porto, Slowdouro, Amável Costa, Sl Paisagistas, Nexplore, Rupestris, Casal dos Capelinhos, Greengrape, Filipe Pinto, Loja do Café, Opium, Rock With Benefits, Fafmúsica, Basqueiral.
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